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A year and a month barring a day since my last journal entry, a month since the second anniversary of me and :iconharper77:'s relationship, fourth months since I worked on anything in the Sonic 3 Generations style, and over half a month since I opened Paint or Wordpad.

To both the old and new people hanging around here; hey everyone, Tom here again after so long. It probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone in the audience, but you'll have noticed the steady drop in both productivity and quality around here since last year. These would, for normal people, be the result of getting a job, finding a partner... just keeping busy with life, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I'm just tired of indulging in the creative side of life. What I once considered a hobby, even maybe a probable career in the foreseeable future, ended up not even registering a blip on the radar of fun as time rolled on. Just not feeling the spark of enjoyment I used to get out of cramming some spriting time into the breaks between work at school, or the jolt that let me feel like I could leave a mark in even the Sonic spriting community by adhering to the series guidelines and style... yet when I attempt to branch out at all, even trying some stylistic takes on established series, it's even less fun to me on a personal basis and just makes me think of dumb things a dozen artists do, like applying belly buttons to only female Sonic characters. Being so free is polarisingly difficult for all the weirdest reasons, I guess?

For those that read the few rare talkative descriptions, it shouldn't be surprising that I haven't done anything since I quit college several months before the last journal entry roughly a year and five months ago... aside from trying to apply for volunteer work at a local charity shop the day after the anniversary. As my few closest friends will know, that didn't go down well. I suffered from panic attacks several days in a row just staying at home and thinking of going out to ask for a job, so I've opted to going back to ignoring my desire to do something with my life for now, safely living off the disability allowance I'm given each month.

Meanwhile, for those that follow me on YouTube, you will have noticed I haven't done any videos since my updates on the crashing I've been getting while trying to record in any games, putting aside the fact I tend to only record Sonic Generations content. The message is pretty clear cut here, but deserves spelling out anyway: some of my computer components are probably not far off from giving up the ghost, and there's not a whole lot I can do about that. I can still play a number of games well enough, but the tell tale signs of even Skype occasionally stalling are rearing their heads. Not very fun to play Team Fortress 2 when it's already hard enough to fight the majority of players who are almost overbearingly good now and won't hesitate to type into the chat about getting wrecked, or leaving so that the better bot players can join instead, so I guess I'm just another casualty to the no-fun police that are getting desperate for things to have an iron grip over.

So, I don't really know what I'm doing with my life right now. Just trying to enjoy each day for what it is right now is the answer I want to say, but I'm not entirely sure how badly another year without doing anything might wear me down. Likely to be some new sprites from time to time, or plodding updates on my three fanfics (including the more lighthearted one I haven't started where Sonic gives Blaze culture shock by taking her on a date in Empire City), but otherwise I don't think this place is going to see all that much activity in the foreseeable future, let alone until maybe making another journal entry next year.

Anyway, that's all I really had to say, I guess. Stay smooth, stay safe, and most importantly, stay alive.

Keep living.


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